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Towards Greener Products in Europe

In an effort to explain and influence EU decisions on the ecological performance of products, several European environmental NGOs have launched in 2009:

  • The coolproducts for a cool planet campaign (, explaining the main challenges and our actions for a broad audience of non specialists.
  • This more expert website providing detailed insights and analysis of the regulations adopted under the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling directives.

This website provides official working documents and views from NGOs on the European Ecodesign and Energy Labelling studies and implementing measures, covering energy-related products sold in Europe.

Through these policy processes, mandatory requirements are set on key products to enhance their ecological performance. These policies have a tremendous potential to make products greener and more energy efficient, to cut CO2 emissions, reduce waste and limit the use of toxics. Please visit the "Policy Background" section for a first introduction.

Environmental NGOs are actively involved in monitoring this process and ensuring it delivers with the highest possible level of ambition. We are reviewing the technical studies and providing comments and suggestions on each product covered by the European Institutions. Hence, we are looking for experts and interested organisations to contribute to our work.

In the "Products" section, you will discover the studies, draft legislation and interesting information on the products groups covered by this policy, such as TVs, fridges, lightbulbs, water heaters, computers, etc.

The "News" section will help you staying updated on the most recent developments of the Ecodesign Policy. You will learn about stakeholder consultations, votes by Member States, opinion of Environmental NGOs, etc.

If you are interested in taking part in the process (as an NGO or as a technical expert), please don't hesitate to contact us. The involvement of the Environmental NGOs is coordinated by ECOS (the European Environmental Citizens' Organisation on Standardisation).


This website is managed by ECOS and Íkopol on behalf of EEB, CAN-E, Greenpeace Europe, WWF-EPO and INFORSE-Europe. It is not part of any European Institution.

ECOS is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation coordinating the involvement of Environmental NGOs in the EU Ecodesign policy process. ECOS receives support from the European Commission and the European Climate Foundation.

Íkopol is a German-based consultancy.

The Cool Products campaign!




Please also visit our "Cool Products" campaign webpage, which explains the challenges around greener products in a simple and jargon-free way. The reference for non-experts, journalists and interested individuals. 

Conference in Brussels: Ecodesign - Energising European Economies

The coolproducts campaign organises a conference in Brussels on 21 June 2012. 'Ecodesign: Energising European Economies'.

Feel free to attend. More info by clicking here.

Energy Savings in Practice




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